Mid-Century Malaise – "SHOW ME PICS" Version

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I'm a Las Vegas-based keyboardist/guitarist, transplanted from Los Angeles back in 2011. I previously played with 80s synthpop act Berlin ("Take My Breath Away", "The Metro") from 2000-2007, did a year-long stint with Survivor in 2011 ("Eye Of The Tiger", "The Search Is Over") then moved to Vegas and played a zillionty shows with 80s cover band The Nancy Rayguns. These days I'm doubling on guitar and keyboards with Vegas rockers DROIDS!.

When I'm not rocking by brains out on stage, I work as a product specialist for Acoustica (makers of the smashing Mixcraft DAW software) writing documentation and creating how-to videos.

My original project Celebutante also has numerous film and TV track placements, including "Jersey Shore", "The Bold And The Beautiful", "The Young and the Restless" (apparently I have a thing for soaps with names in "the adjective and the adjective" format), "Burn Notice", "Monk", and "Paris Hilton's My New BFF". I also won a BMI award in 2008 for my work on the Berlin track "Scream", used as the theme song on the Lifetime drama "Angela's Eyes".

I'm currently available for paid live and studio gigs playing guitars and keys in the Vegas area- contact me HERE