Mid-Century Malaise – "SHOW ME PICS" Version

Celebutante is my personal project...  imagine Joy Divsion and Gary Numan meets Ladytron and Interpol and you're in the ballpark. Celebutante music has been featured in the TV shows "Burn Notice", "Jersey Shore", and "Paris Hilton's My New BFF". You can purchase the Celebutante "Nightlife" full-length release on iTunes HERE.

 I also play keyboards and guitar in cover bands (including my sweet 80s cover band The Nancy Rayguns) which led to creating backing tracks for my bands and others. I do everything I can to make them sound EXACTLY like the originals. Below are some of my tracks- no samples from original records and no amateur-hour general MIDI! Contact me to purchase tracks or to inquire about custom tracks for your project.